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Meet the Gardener

Hello! I am a country girl bred and born. I grew up on a farm and my husband and I have always farmed and ranched. Retirement, when that day comes, for us just means cutting down. I am blessed with four wonderful children, now grown and two delightful grandchildren who literally light up my life. Many thanks to my daughter Megan without whom this blog would probably not happen for this computer challenged gardener.

I love gardening and I love sharing my passion with other gardeners. My Montana garden is my third, the other two were in South Dakota and Wyoming. As I left those behind I carried with me my favorite perennials and the stories they told. Iris from my grandmother’s garden, oregano from my dear friend and daylilies from a premier garden buddy.

My other passions is reading and I collect books like I collect plants, they soon overrun each other! Oh, and I make things, frequently repurposed old things, usually garden oriented. So this is about gardening and hopefully a little bit more about what gardens can teach us and learning to have fun. Joie de Vivre, everyone and pay attention to the good stuff.

Sun River Valley Garden Tour

Sunday, June 22 • 1 – 5 p.m.

Free for everybody to enjoy!

Gardens on this years tour include Parker Farms Greenhouse, Linden Gardens, Ida and Bruce Wallace, Linda and Terry Schott and Kori Hillyard. Maps of the tour can be picked up at Parker Farms Greenhouse (50 Parker Road) in Fort Shaw at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

In addition to the gardens there will be classes held at Parker Farms Greenhouse and Linden Gardens.

Linden Gardens will be hosting a class at 2 – 4 p.m. on using and growing plants to make tea. Parker Farms Greenhouse will be hosting a class at 1 – 3 p.m. on using herbs in your garden to make your own salad dressings and sauces.

For more information:

Parker Farms Greenhouse at (406) 264-5299
Linden Gardens at (406) 264-5432

About my Gardens

Welcome to my garden, a small, private, country garden dedicated to the idea that gardening should be a fun and pleasurable experience – good for the body and soul.

I am a collector of plants- if it will grow in northern Montana I probably want it. This lends itself to an informal style garden tied together with stone paths, picket fences, iron gates and arbors. After all, gardens are meant to be lived in.

Trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, herbs and vegetables all have their place in the sun. No doubt I break a few garden design rules but it all seems to come together in the end. The gardens appeal to all of your senses, filled with the color of flowers, the scent of herbs, the sound of splashing water and the taste of fresh vegetables. Touching is encouraged, as are questions.

Handmade iron and glass decor is found throughout the gardens. There are herb and vegetable gardens, strawberries, asparagus, raspberries and apples. A sand box and child sized tea table welcomes kids. Should you ever visit, we encourage you to stroll around, sit in a lawn chair, pick your own vegetables and flowers or make your own tea from the herb garden.

Garden Ideas

Garden Decorations

All the things that add that personal touch, cool and fun stuff.

Send me a note!